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  1. Sebastian-w204c200

    W204 How to increase the ride height?

    Hi Guys, Got a C-Class 2008-W204-C200 Kompressor Sport model (AMG Appearance) on 17inch wheels. It’s ride height seems to be very low since I brought it. Not a being big fan of low ride height. Other C-Class in the same year seems to have high ride height when parked next to mine. Is there any...
  2. E

    Merceded fans : Hello Everyone

    my name is Abdulmottaleb , I own Mercedes Benz C200 kompressor Avantgarde ,sedan,2003, I love it.
  3. D

    [Wanted] Exhaust W203 C200 2004 1.8 Kompressor

    Hi Need a new exhaust this afternoon. Model: W203 C200 2004 1.8 Kompressor Petrol Part No: 2034904921 Location: North London. Thanks
  4. Z

    C200 Kompressor Acceleration problem.HELP!!!

    Hi there, Newbie here, Just bought a C200K Evolution Panorama 2002 Automatic model Just driving it around in the evening after a couple hours driving during the day( not much) . The car stoppped accelerating, it revs but the car won't increase speed. I pulled over and stop/start the car...
  5. M

    Lambda O2 Sensors - where can I get one?

    Hello to all-- I thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. I was wondering where I can possibly buy a part online. Do you have any good recommendations? I live in Brazil and would need to get the part shipped here, most likely from the UK as the car is a European...

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