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    Servicing a 2500 mile a year C220cdi (OM611)

    Hello, I'm new. I'm after some advice from people with more MB experience. I have owned a 2007 c203 for about 15 months, no big issues in that time (new battery, new tyre) Last service (DIY) was oil change (MB229.51), fit new genuine MB oil, air, fuel and cabin filters, plus inspect...
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    Hello from Dorset

    Just a quick hello. I bought my second ever Merc a month ago and am once again in love. A C200 kompressor estate w203 automatic with 74000 miles. I think I got her for a good price so the few niggles are a small price to pay. And I'm feeling particularly smug at the minute having repaired...
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    W203 electrical issue.

    Hello, I have a C220 2006 W203 diesel with an intermittent electrical issue. Some history, 12 months ago the car had various issues with headlights, instrument cluster and other electricals switching off whilst car underway and battery warning light coming on. Battery checked by roadside...
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