1. S

    new to this forum Cl500 owner

    Hello, I have been coming to this and other Mercedes forums for about a year now ever since I bought my w215 Cl500 or c215 depending on who you ask. I have benefited so much from them it's now time for me to join in and help. I also am starting to bring the car back to tip top as I bought...
  2. S

    new to this forum Cl500 owner

    hey everyone I have been using this forum and others to guide me through Cl500 ownership since I bought the car a year ago. now that I have had some time to learn I want to give back to the community that has helped me and after a year of owning this car I have learned some parts are hard to...
  3. mugwump00

    C215 - dead battery, physical keys won't unlock door!!!

    Hello all, just got back from a 3 week trip. Go to garage to bring life back to CL. No go with remote locking, battery must be dead. Easy enough to deal with with the CTEK I guess, but uhoh!!, the 2 physical keys I have (the silver parts) won't open the drivers door...
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