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    Vehicle C32 Estate, amazing rare colour 2002

    Fantastic condition Full service history 106k Been in the same family since 2008 Amazing old school AMG Drivers spot on, just as it should. Sunroof, Electric seats, steering wheel, headrests. Unreal car for its age. An appreciating classic for sure. Any questions please ask away. £6495
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    Selling my dad's C32 AMG Estate - well-loved and maintained. Considered to be one of the best classic AMG cars. Rare and original. Rust free. Massive service history. Practical and fast. The private plate has been removed! The current plate is: WF53 LAA * COMMAND * HEATED SEATS * FULL AMG...
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    Vehicle C32 AMG 02 Silver

    C32 AMG in Silver 52 reg 02 Saloon 112k MOT May 19 Lots recently spent on this inc new struts, springs, upper and lower control arms, discs, pads on the front refurbed front caliper, full service inc air filters, gearbox filter and plug, brake fluid changed, new fuel filter, new bosch battery...
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    C32 w203 rear diffuser wanted

    Hi does anyone have or know where i can get a rear diffuser for my c32 w203 amg thanks
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    C32 supercharger clutch plate ring

    Hi all in need of a supercharger clutch plate outer ring for a c32 2002 amg w203 as per pic if anyone is breaking one or has a second hand supercharger clutch please message me or e mail me on adders01@live.com thanks .
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    [Wanted] Wanted c32 supercharger clutch

    Hi im searching for a c32 amg w203 supercharger clutch I only need the clutch/friction plate rings inside the the clutch housing if anyone has any or knows where I can get them thanks .
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    c32 amg

    If anyone is interested in selling there c32 amg could you please drop me a pm. thank you.

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