c350 cdi remapping

  1. W

    Tuning a C350 Sport Ed125 Cdi

    Hi guys, I want some advice on tuning my new Mercedes which I love, I have been looking into the simple remap or a tuning chip. These apparently can get the car to around 310bhp.. Is there anything else on top of this that can be done which isn't too costly which can give me some good...
  2. D

    Hi All C350 CDI

    Hi All, New to the forum have had my Mercedes C350 CDI 2010 for just over a month now. Loving the car had a few problems with it since purchase but you guys have helped me out solving them. Got a remap booked in for next Saturday looking forward to seeing the difference. I will have some...
  3. GAD Tuning LTD

    C350 CDI Performance remapping!!!

    Good afternoon MBOers!!!! Yesterday we had the pleasure of tuning another 350 CDI Lump to unleash the awesome potential from an awesome vehicle!!! Tune time took around 3 hours and went as smoothly as ever (read time was up a little due to software update variation) and the car flies...

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