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    Parking sensors issue post grille swap

    Hi all, I have a 2018 (facelift) C43 and have recently changed the front grille. The weather in UK has been awful of late and I have noticed that my parking sensors are no longer working. When I start the car and put into reverse all sensors flash red around the car on the centre screen and then...
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    C43 AMG complimentary drive

    I’m new to Mercedes cars, but have ordered a C43. What i’m wondering is why the C43 is not included in the offer of s complimentary driving AMG experience. Does anyone else share this frustration?
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    What is the value of my AMG c43?

    I have a 1999 c43 AMG with 85,000 miles. It is in perfect condition, mostly because I don't use it -- it sits in a garage (thus the low mileage). I am going to sell it, but have no idea of the value, as most models this age have much higher mileage. If anyone can give me an idea that would be...

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