catalytic converter

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    SL500 R230 Rattling Catalytic Convertor

    My SL500 has recently developed a metallic rattle/tinkle which rises and falls with engine speed. I've taken it into my local exhaust specialist who has identified the problem as being the cat which is located midway along the system on the nearside pipe branch. Whilst the car is 15 years old...
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    W210 2597cc E240 estate - faulty cat

    Hi everyone, What initially I thought was an air mass sensor CEL, the Merc dealer has star tested it, and found that the o/s exhaust cat is faulty - not efficient and causing engine lamp on. Merc guesstimate is circa £1,000 fully fitted Additionally, n/s/f road spring broke - 4 green...
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    burning smell

    I've noticed a burning smell coming from my car after having been driven. I think it may be from the catalytic converter which appears to have some residue/gunk on it. The coolant level seems to have dropped slightly, so I'm thinking the coolant is leaking from somewhere and running down to the...

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