cdi 270

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    Engine management light

    Engine management light on! Will an obd 2 cable work on my mercedes e270 2003 w211??
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    Just bought the car going to get a service done gonna change oil air pollen and fuel filters and use 5w 30 oil castrol gtx, and was considering doing an engine flush has anyone done one is it worth doing? Please let me know thanks a bunch!
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    newbie from manchester!

    hi I'm new to the world of Mercedes lol. I have a 2003 E270 Cdi Elegance
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    CDI 270 - Sounds like a bag of bolts until warm

    I have a 2005 CDI 270. Had it 2.5 years and done 90K in it. Great car. She ran well for 20 months but since then it has been a catalogue of failures. First thing was leaking plastic fuel hoses, next item to go was water pump. The belt was damaged and several pulleys noisy - so they were...

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