1. A

    Change registration plate

    how do you unlock the plastic frame? To change the reg plate. I have no tools to unlock it.
  2. Chas1

    Instrument cluster display km/h and kPa

    Hi, is there any way to change these units in the Instrument cluster display km/h and kPa to MPH and PSI ? Ive looked at all the settings options but cant find anything ? Thanks
  3. PovertySpec

    Overhead Control Panel Bulb Change

    Do I really have to remove the rear view mirror and drop the whole OHP off just to change the bulbs or is there an easier way, obvious to everyone but me :confused: I know it's an easy 2 min job but ..
  4. silestanix

    How To Change Heater Panel bulbs in W202/w208/etc

    So I have seen many threads on this topic but no pics, so as mine needed doing again I thought I'd make a sort of how to... First, I'd recommend putting the heater controls in a uniform setting ie both vertical. You'll need a pair of mole grips and a somewhat clean cloth. Secondly,make sure you...
  5. M

    Drive resistance

    A few weeks back my car decided to stop driving; their was power available but there was some sort of lock on the transmission or gears. Anyway, after loading it onto a flatbed truck, Mercedes repaired the car by fitting a new Transmission Control unit to the gearbox. All sorted I hoped. However...
  6. T

    R230- Replace Near Side Bonnet Hinge

    Hi, Has anyone changed a bonnet hinge on the R230? I've had one of the arms break on mine and wanted to change myself. May seem an easy fix but does anyone have any instructions on how best to do it. It looks like its riveted together so may need some professional tools. Any pointers happily...
  7. Chrishazle

    W203 C270 Thermostat Change DIY

    Found Post #17 on this thread - I think it should be in the DIY to make it readily available.

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