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    Mercades A-class A180 Amg or CLA Class CLA180 Amg

    Hi All, I hope you're all well. I'm in the process of looking to purchase my first Mercedes, but I am drawn between the A-class A180 Amg Sport and the CLA180 Amg Sport. Both models will be equipped with the same engine and will have the same options (7 speed auto, Satnav, Night package etc)...
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    Left underwhelmed :(

    Well today I test drove an A-Class as a bench mark for the CLA (only petrol available for CLA). The A-Class was fitted with a 220 CDI. Coming from a C-Class 250CDI the A-Class just did not feel anywhere as nippy off the mark. In fact I would say it felt very sluggish. I did have a C-Class 220...

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