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    injector screw/bolt broken ML270 CDI

    Hello, I'm new here but have read a lot on this subject. I have had this ML for about six months now, it is very clean and did run extremely well and everything works, but has quite high kilometers (340k). The car has a near complete service history by MB. I'm in rural France, and called a...
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    W203 C270 exhaust clamp corroded

    Hi The MOT station has told me that "the exhaust clamp between the two boxes is corroded and needs replacing" but they think that it is a specialist MB clamp, due to the shape of it. They do not want to remove it and then find that their standard clamp does not fit. Can anyone please tell...
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    2005 ML270 CDI Injector Clamp Threading gone

    We removed the injector to replace the copper washer. After cleaning the black, sticky substance and replacing the washer and injector, the clamp bolt will not lock in the cylinder because there is no threading there. I tried getting a tap long enough to reach the threading in the cylinder...

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