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    CLK Hood wil not fully close

    I opened the hood on my CLK cabriolet and it opened fully. When I attempt to close, it stops a few centimetres short. Clearly the fuses are OK as it wouldn't be moving in the first place. It appears that there are two bars onto which two hooks engage. The two hooks are in a fixed position and it...
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    Dim dials on 2007 CLK

    Hi all! New to this forum and mercedes after owning 2 bmws I wanted a change! When my headlights are on the only lights that are on are the needles on the speedo and rev counter. I have tried turning the reset turner and it's brightening the needles but the speedo and rev counter are...
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    Buying a Mercedes CLK200K Sport Coupe

    Hi I am interested in buying the model in the title and would like to know if a car I am looking at is genuine. This is because it seems cheaper than other cars which are similar. It is a 2005 clk sport model with fmbsh and 45k on the clock and is advertised by a private seller for £7,000. Thanks.

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