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    SLK230 Mis-fire :( Thoughts please?

    Apologies for the length of this mail! My SLK 230 1999, 46k, intermittent use but regularly serviced and always reliable UNTIL after 5 weeks non-use and flat battery, restarted by mechanics jump leads and driven back to their (non Merc) garage for a service. My opinion after 2 secs of...
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    1996 C280 sport missfire and alarm problems

    Hello , This is my first post so bear with me. My sisters 280 developed a miss fire , having dealt with a similar issue on this car before i replaced the coil pack controlling the cylinders that were missing. Long story short it turns out that the 12 vault supply wires to the coils were...
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    engine won't turnover on key C230K 1999

    car started drove to work. After lunch ,engine not turning over, called AA. Battery ok, brake light switch operating ok, instrument lights and all other electric seem OK. AA man tried tapping starter, then went under car and bridged the solenoid to the starter, we now have a running engine the...
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    c230k missfire on #3 then nothing firing

    Hello all, My 1999 W202 C230K developed a missfire last week, I had to use it for a few days to get to work. At the weekend I removed the spark plugs and found number three cylinder plug fouled. (I didn’t on this occasion remove the battery earth lead :Oops:) after reconnecting everything I...

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