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    A Collision has been detected

    This morning while leaving my house a notification popped up on my MBUX saying "A COLLISION HAS BEEN DETECTED" "Your vehicle has detected a collision on 16.10 at 15.55. Please check this area of damage. Do you want to receive support from Mercedes-Benz Accident Assistance? with options 'Call'...
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    Accident Repair BodyShop Recommendation - Rear Collision

    Hi, My local take away driver has rear-ended my 64 plate c220 and now i am in need for a body shop that any one can recommend in the Bradford area. I was sat stationary in traffic going no where and then bang this guys comes in to my rear. Anyways, I thought i would come here see if anyone can...

AMF Automotive - We are an independent Mercedes-Benz and AMG specialist located in Paddock Wood, Kent, with full Mercedes Diagnostic equipment. We offer a full portfolio of tuning options for AMGs and can cater for all your Mercedes needs.
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