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    Help with handeling my Mercedes Complaint (A Class)

    So as a new Mercedes owner I'm unsure of what to do next/what to expect next. 3 months ago I bought my first Mercedes, an AMG line A Class (2016 facelift edition) - my first new car, an da bit of an upgrade from my 53 reg Polo. It was not a smooth purchase from the start, as the car I put a...
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    Handback Trouble

    Finally, if I do try to do a hand-back, what problems am I likely to face? I have heard that MB are not very forgiving when it comes to small scratches, or curbed wheels. Which unfortunately my car has suffered thanks to the ability of the average british driver. I can safely say you will...
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    My experience with Mercedes Benz of Derby... Advice please!

    Hello, I'm not a Mercedes owner, I'm a Smart owner. However, since this relates entirely to the Mercedes garage, not the car, I thought that this might be the best place to come... This will be a VERY long post, but I really need some help with this, so I think the best thing would be to tell...

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