coolant leak

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    2007 w211 om642 Coolant leak from back of engine but can’t find source

    hey everyone I recently noticed a puddle of coolant under the car. I lifted the car up to see where the leak was coming from but I am having trouble finding it. The only sign I can see is that it’s dripping down from the back of the engine from the firewall above the oil pan. Car doesn’t...
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    Changed Fuel filter housing

    Hi guys, my mercedes vito 2012 started leaking coolant so we diagnosed it and found out it was the fuel filter housing that needed replacing. After replacing it, the leaking has stopped but the bus won't start now... the diagnostics do not show anything so we literally do not know what the issue...
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    Loosing coolant

    Hi guys. I need help solving this problem of mine. My van started leaking coolant really fast. The problem seems to be from this aluminium part on the right hand side of the crankshaft between the fuel filter and the thermostat housing. I had a quick look at the thermostat and the hoses around...
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    leaking coolant level sensor

    Hi everyone , I have 2003 c class coupe 1.8 . Water is leaking out through the coolant level sensor wiring plug , the one underneath the expansion tank . Is this fixable or do I need a new level sensor ?

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