1. I

    C180K Ignition Start Problem

    Hey guys, Ive got a 2006 automatic C180K and ive been having a problem with the ignition start up for the last 6 months. Whether the car is hot or cold, every now and then, more often then usual it would crank but not start. After several attempts it would start normally. Sometimes the...
  2. ch_wmids_uk

    W163 2002 Crankshaft Radial Seal

    Hi, My local dealer has highlighted some work they feel needs doing on the car. Most of it I understand but I'm not sure about the following; Crankshaft Radial Seal at rear on output end. The part number is MA112 997 02 46 - cost £ 11.60. To get to it it seams they have to remove / replace...

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