daytime running

  1. Daniel Sadjadian

    Left Daytime Running Light not working - CLS63 W218 2013

    Hi, I turned on my Mercedes this morning and noticed that a message appeared on the driver dashboard: "Check front left daytime running light". So I got out of the car, had a look and saw saw that only the right side was on. Does anyone know how I can replace the light myself (preferably...
  2. V

    E220 CDI exec-LED Lights supposed to be on ?

    just bought a 2011 E220 CDi SE Exec. and have a question on the LED's. They are shown in the manual as surround lighting but NOT Daylight Running Lights or Side Lights so I'm not sure exactly what to call them. Q is; are they supposed to be on or off when moving ? They come on when I'm...

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