1. L

    SLK 230 rear diff

    Hi Guys Please could someone help me with a SLK 230 1998 model 170 & it's a 2.3. How the hell do you get the diff out of the casing as the crown wheel is in the ****** way:confused: Or are these rear diff's just made to p you off or what. If any one can I would be so grateful as I'm...
  2. T

    c270d loud whine from drivetrain

    Hi. Hope someone can help. I recently bought a 2002 C270 auto diesel saloon with 160K on the clock. Really enjoying it until yesterday when driving along motorway. Car gave a judder then started to whine loudly from the rear somewhere. Managed to drive home and car seems ok on a light...
  3. P

    W202 - can't get DIF ABS sensor out

    Found my ABS problem, DIF sensor is open circuit. Got Torx bolt out holding sensor in but can't get sensor out. It twists (stiffly) and I've managed to prise it out about 1/10th inch but there it is stuck. I fear it might break up and leave half still in the hole :-( , I've heard these can...
  4. MarkCL

    AMG Diff gone FUBAR

    Fudge. Just dropped my C43 in to Oliver at PCS as I'd noticed what sounded like a transmission/diff whine over past few days - been getting steadily louder so decided I needed an expert pair of ears to see what was wrong. Turns out that my diff is screwed :( First noticed it as a sort of...

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