dipped headlight

  1. girlagogo

    Headlights Getting Dimmer on R171

    A few weeks ago I noticed, when driving my R171 300 V6 at night that the main lights had suddenly become dimmer. I always have the lights set to auto and they stay on after locking and leaving the car (called "Welcome Home" light setting?). When looking at the lights they are still bright, as...
  2. M

    Broken Rear Passenger Headlight Range Height Suspension Sensor for C204

    First time posting guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a C204 2012 Merc C220 CDI AMG Sport Blue Efficiency and recently failed MOT on a broken "Rear Passenger Headlight Range Height Suspension Sensor". The sensor itself is fine, but after chatting with a few guys apparently this...
  3. L

    W204 Halogen Symmetrical Beam Headlight Switching

    Had a bulb blow last night, so thought I'd get the endoscope out to find out where the 'levers' to switch between UK and symmetrical beam for driving in Europe were. The lever itself is directly underneath the bulb housing but further forward towards the front of the car. It is a bit awkward to...

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