1. S

    Where is the dipstick on my E220 Diesel convertible 2015 please? The yellow handle has fallen off!

    Hi there, I am trying to sell my car and when a potential buyer looked the dipstick handle came off in his hand, I have a replacement dipstick coming today but I cannot find the dipstick to pull out (with pliers) to then replace with the new one. Surprisingly a google search is no help...
  2. moj91

    W204 - Check oil level when warm or cold?

    Hi, I've recently bought a W204 (S204 Estate...) C250 Cdi, and noticed that it has an old-school dipstick for checking the oil level. I have two questions - 1.) Does it need to be checked when warm, or cold, or ie. 10 minutes after stop? I can't find anywhere where and when it is...
  3. D

    1994 C180 checking Auto box level with dip stick

    Hi This is a daft question but the shifting is a bit rough on the car (I have only had it a week) so I checked the oil level via the dipstick with the engine hot and the car on a level road. I found it difficult to see a clear level but a large section of the marked end of the dipstick looked to...
  4. C

    2002 E320 Transmission Dipstick Problem | Help!!

    I bought the dip stick tool for my 2002 e320 but nobody seems to know how to read the fluid level. Is there a standard measurement for each model? The dipstick goes in all but 8 inches and the fluid is just barely on the tip. how do I know when it is at the proper level. 100's of people...

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