dpf delete

  1. S

    DPF removal on E250 CDI - UPDATE

    After getting in touch with several companies who could not do the DPF delete on my car I came across extreme remap based in Gloucester. I mentioned to the owner Craig that I have tried so many places but no one is able to do a DPF delete. He confirmed that he couldn't do it either but they were...
  2. GAD Tuning LTD

    DPF Removal by GAD Tuning

    GAD Tuning launch a new DPF Removal web site. Please see DPF Removal / DPF Delete. Hope this helps members having DPF Issues... Remember DPF Removal is normally HALF the cost of a new DPF Filter that will potentially block again meaning you will have to have another. With DPF removal we...

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