1. bossafunk

    Vehicle Nov 2011 - E500 Coupe 4.7tt B/efficency - Cornwall - £17.8k

    Hi All, Sadly, I am selling my extremely rare 'Nov 2011 E500 Coupe 4.7 twin-turbo V8. I have listed it on Classic Car and here is the link to that. I have listed it for £17.5k, it is the only specific 2012 model year (2nd generation with different command system, gauge screens and a few 125th...
  2. G

    [Spares] Mercedes Becker EXQUISIT BE1490 Radio

    The original radio that came with my Mercedes E500 is for sale. In good working order. Hardly been used. Brand Type EXQUISIT Model No: BE1490 Capable of operating a CD auto-change unit. If anyone is interested let me know
  3. C

    W211 E500 - Advice Please!

    Thinking of buying a 2002/2003/2004 E500 saloon or wagon in the next couple of weeks. Any feedback? Any thoughts on what I should be looking out for? Any known problems with these cars? Thanks all!

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