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    W204 Strange Behaviour

    Ever since I bought my C200 it has displayed the following odd behaviour. Every so often: - The temperature gauge drops to zero - The engine fan comes on - The heater comes on. If I pull over and switch off the ignition and then switch on again everything returns to normal. This used to...
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    Flat battery this morning.

    This morning i went to unlock my W reg Mercedes CLK 200 with the key fob, nothing happened. It turned out that my battery had gone flat over night. I didn't leave lights switched on or anything like that, and I've had no wiring done, for example a car stereo. I've managed to get the car jump...
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    w124 electric radiator cutting in cutting out problem

    Hi All, Firstly i have tried searching all posts to see if anyone has the same problem, but alas no....! I have a 1992 W124 230TE with a healthy 204k miles. When the car gets up to temp [80-85 deg] it fine, and no electric fan cuts in. If the car does become hotter than this the fan cuts...
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