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    Electrical services required for Mercedes SL55 2005 plate (R230)

    Hello all, My Mercedes has had a fire in the boot which I believe is a common fault on these and therefore has caused the rear bit of the wiring loom to be burnt on the drivers side mainly by the split unit module, will upload pics later. I have all the parts for the repair but need someone...
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    SLK350 Rebuild

    Hi all, Almost completed a rebuild of a 2005 SLK350 that was written off in an accident a few years ago. I have an electrical issue or two to resolve but happy to help anyone else with queries if I can from what I've learnt along the way. I'm not a mechanic, just a keen amateur. Likewise, if...
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    SL350 (R230) 2003 - Electrical Problems.....

    Hi guys, I have an SL350 2003 year and have had some electrical gremlins; the symptoms are as follow:- - SRS airbag continually on the dashboard. - Intermittantly the Air Con unit does not work for sustained periods. - In rain / snow the dashboard shows the 'bulb failiure' warning...
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    Sprinter 311CDI motorhome conversion

    Hi, I have just purchased an 08 plate Sprinter to convert into a motorhome and one of my first tasks was to remove the double passenger seat to replace it with a single swivel seat. On taking out the seat base I noted that there is an electrical connection for the centre seatbelt pre tensioner...
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    aclass help help

    Hi I'm new to this forum I bought a Mercedes a140 aclass 2001 avantgarde I got the car home and tried to start it the next day but the battery was dead!! So I called out the aa the guy but his power pack on but the car still wouldn't start the alarm kept going off so he removed the alarm as it...

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