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    C180 Engine Control Unit

    The Engine Diagnostic Indicator of my C180 Kompressor/Blue Efficiency came on a couple of days ago. I went to a garage. The mechanic checked but found no problem. He reset it and said that if it came on again, it could be an indication the engine control unit might be faulty. That would be an...
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    CLK280 A209 Engine Management Light Poor Running

    CLK280, registered Dec2005, 82000 miles. Went on long drive round France, started 'misfiring' under acceleration. Following morning started car and engine mgt system light flashed then stayed on and engine started running really rough/lumpy. Let car warm up, stopped, restarted, engine running...
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    Repairing an Engine Control Unit ( ECU) to start engine

    I believe a factory fitted Engine Control Unit(ECU) drains £1180 off your wallet. I note a lot of MB specialist companies are offering to repair or replace these at lower costs and a 1 year warranty. Are there any risks for the future in repairing ? Will it in anyway mismatch the software or...

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