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    Performance exhaust for a W140 s500 Coupe

    Hi All, 1 have a w140 1994 S500 Coupe which I am currently doing up. Does anyone know where to get some good performance exhausts fitted? Prefarably in Southeast England Thanks
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    ML320 black exhaust tips....is this a problem..??

    Hi, I have owned my ML320 Edition 10 (2008) for around 2 months. I have recently noticed that my exhaust tips are completely black through a build up of what looks like carbon. I have not attempted to clean them yet as I thought I would wait to show the dealership. Has anyone else experienced...
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    Exhaust System for 300SL - non 24V

    The exhaust on my 1990 W129 went recently and I couldnt find ANYONE who does a replacement other than Mercedes. All the Exhaust centres turned me away. Merceded wanted £Stupid+VAT. Anyway, I found a place in Germany that has original Mercedes Parts and they could ship one to me for around...
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    Help need exhaust for '85 230CE (w123 type)

    I have tried Mercedes-Benz dealerships and had already got one exhaust that is the wrong type. Information I've since got is Mot/Eng 102.980 Type W123-223-C123-243 I need the complete exhaust system for this vehicle which is currently in a garage in Ireland. Have any members here got...

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