fuel ??

  1. J


    Hi, I joined up today with the hope I may get some good advice from you guys. I am looking to buy a 2013+ SLK amg in a few months. I am just struggling to decide which type of fuel/transmission to choose. Even though I am not a fan of how the diesels sound I decided cost wise a diesel...
  2. O

    non starter

    C220 Elegance Saloon injection 1995 70,000miles Vehicle stalled at traffic lights has been running fine for last four years since EMU refurb but now no fuel at injector rail, pump appears to run okay fuel pump relay appears to be working okay and relay fuse okay Pump disconnected from...
  3. M

    2007 (57) Mercedes Benz C220 CDI SPORT AUTO

    HI Guys looking for some advice! My car has been playing up for a while now, symptoms, keeps cutting out After taking it to a Mercedes dealer the first time they changed the fuel temp sensor costing me £380, drove it out the garage and within a day the same symptoms returned! Took it...

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