1. CiganoBoxer

    G Waggon Advise please .

    Hi guys im thinking about buying a post 2013 G350d ,but ive spotted a 2013 G350d Brabus D6s factory conversion ,can anyone help me with info on this car , cant seem to find anything about it , all I know its factory brabus d6s ,its bit more than I wanted to spend by 12-4k so was wonder if its...
  2. R

    Intermittent SRS light still comes on after repair.

    Hi folks, I've had a 1994 LHD W463.321 G350 Turbo Diesel for 14 years. It has been very reliable except I have had an intermittent fault with the SRS (single driver's airbag) already for many years now. Sometimes the SRS light stays off for months, sometimes only for hours. Always the...

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