1. A

    Mercedes smelly smoke when starting

    Hello, I have a 2011 Mercedes c300 gas with 115k miles And lately when I start it in the morning or when I start of after the car has been sitting for a couple of days it has smelly dark grey-ish smoke I wonder if there’s anything wrong??? Thanks in advance
  2. J

    1991 winter storage of my 500SL.

    I am a new and proud owner of my MB 500 SL. Does anyone know if the fuel requires an additive prior to winter storage? I was trying to find ethanol-free gas but there is none to be had within 200 miles of where I live. Thanks!
  3. zedmeister

    CLK 208 air con problem

    Had my car regassed at the end of last year maybe October time by a mobile specialist. He assured me that there were no leaks in the system. Gas lasted a few months when the car started hissing again I think in March/April on initial AC startup. So I called him back - he had put in the dye when...

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