1. Silver 300te

    s124 kombi 300te water pump gasket/seal???

    Hello. What does it looks like, engine to water pump? Anyone know the part number? Is it just an O ring? I'm not buying a whole new water pump, if I can help it. Thanks. Matthew
  2. olivier_wery

    R129 SL280 water leaking from engine bay

    Hi all, Yesterday I came home for a 1 week trip in brittany, and upon arriving home, noticed some water coming out of engine bay. Any idea what this could be due to? Overheating? running the car too hard (tough temperature gauge stayed at 80 degrees the whole time...) or more worryingly...
  3. M

    '02' CLK200 - Question regarding head gasket change

    Over the weekend I'm changing my head gasket on my 2002 CLK200 Kompressor. Although I am competant in this area I have always had the assistance of a Haynes manual to advise on what order to torque the bolts and to what torque strength. As Haynes do not to my knowledge publish a workshop...
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