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    Hi, I have been looking in to remapping my SLK32 AMG for a couple of weeks now and have got a couple of quotes. The companys iv'e tried are: GCL which i believe use this forum and are well recomended through searches iv'e found on forum. They can offer a 15-20 BHP and 20 NM Torque...
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    June & July 20% Off Remapping and GCL products

    We are offering members 20% off through out June/July. GCL Tuning This includes all custom ECU remapping & development. This also includes the gcl brabus unit and the gcl ST3 switchable remapping. GCL Brabus spec Unit GCL ST3 - Switchable remapping unit...
  3. BRABUS R230

    ECU Remapping or is it Madness!!!

    Hi All, I know that some of you may think that I am crazy for even considering this but I will explain, I have a very rare BRABUS modified SL55, one of only six made in right hand drive for UK, it produces 550HP and 780Nm of Torque which I know may of you will say "thats more that enough" but I...

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