heating problems

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    Changing the heater matrix

    Hi has anyone had any experience of changing the heater matrix on a 2008 311cdi sprinter. The dash has been removed and can see where it is but not sure how to get to it. Any help or details of how to do this would be great
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    Interior Heating luke warm

    Hi The heating in the car seems to take ages to get warm and feels like its not until the engine is warm before i get hot air into the cabin. Is this normal or can i check for a fault despite there being no errors from the ECU. Thanks
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    W211 heating issues

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone out there has any guidance on this little problem for me? I've recently bought a 2004 e270 w211 and since the purchase I've only been able to draw hot air through the vents on the passenger side. After some searching on here I learned of the common issues...

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