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    C219 CLS headlamps changing the bulbs

    I have a 2009 CLS with OE HID. I'd like to change the D2S bulbs. I've taken a look, got the large cap off, but haven't worked out how it's supposed to come out. Any one offer any hints ? Any online guides ? I've looked at the usual places etc. Do the headlight housing need to be removed ?
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    WIS info needed please

    I am about to retrofit headlamp self leveling for my HID headlamps including the headlamp washers and Parking assist and was wondering if anyone has the WIS instructions for this and could email me the PDF's as [I] am sure it will make it all much easier that doing it by guesswork :D Many...
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    W210 Projector headlights

    I've found my headlights quite dim on the motorway, and whilst I dont want to blind oncomers, I would like them to be brighter, so am considering 50%/90% brighter bulbs. I also find the frosted appearance of W210 lights (and mine arent that dirty at all!) quite out of date and if possible and...

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