1. GAD Tuning LTD

    GAD Tuning Stage 2 package - Team63Performance

    Hey guys, I have been meaning to get this up on the forum for a long time! We completed three Identical C63 AMG's all blacked out and very menacing!!! The three gentlemen came to us for full Stage 2 tuning packages for there C63 AMG's so we got to work stripping all three vehicles down for...
  2. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C63 AMG iPE video!!!

    One of my customs sent a little clip I thought I would share! The blue beast has become famous round London (not all good) lol and soon to be having secondary CATs removed s louder the better! Running our Stage 2 package and soon to be running Stage 1 Weistec supercharger system but he...
  3. GAD Tuning LTD

    Baby Blue C63 AMG!!!

    Hey guys, This vehicle is already running our Stage 1 software only upgrade, however the customer is already for his next Stage which will consist of full iPE syste, including tubular manifolds, mid section and switchable rear which is what really restricts the C63 AMG in its N/A form...

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