1. Richard E

    The story so far! A209 CLK 320CDI

    I bought a CLK in January and I wanted to share the experience so far on maintanence and issues. The car is a A209 2008 Cabriolet CLK 320 CDI with around 150,000km (100k miles), automatic. Front suspension - I was getting huge clonking and bumping from the front suspension. I've now replaced...
  2. Richard E

    Happy to join!

    Really hope we can share some knowledge. I love to work on cars and I've just bought a 2008 CLK 320 (V6 Diesel) Cabriolet (A209) and although it's been well cared for there are a few typical things to deal with. First question: anyone know where I can download a mechanics service manual? Thanks!!

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