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    W212 LED headlamp replacement, £1,100?!

    Hello all, My W212 E250 petrol (50k on clock) came up with an error today - right daylight LED lamp needs replacing. I thought it was a case of a simple bulb change but boy was I wrong. Apparently it's a sealed unit and my car has an intelligent light system meaning MB want £1,100 for one...
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    Third brake lamp malfunction

    Hello! My car is w204, C250CDI, 2009, sedan. The 3rd brake lamp (the auxiliary stop lamp) has a malfunction. Sometimes is working perfect, sometimes not. The LED bar is fine, the lamp contact is ok. Also the rear SAM seems to be allright. What else can I check ? I suspect a relay...
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    S320 CDI - W220 - Trunk / Boot light not working

    Hope someone can help me out to fix my boot light on my W220 Year 2002. Both light bulbs are ok, unable to get the lights working while the boot is open. Looking for a wiring diagram to help my trouble shooting. Wiring diagram I found was year 1997 but colour codes do not match / more...
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