1. Smaltze

    Rear LCA - Hub carrier Bushing

    Hi guys i need a bushing for my w210 2002 e320, Its the one in the rear left hub carrier that fits into the lower control arm bushing. Number 20 in the picture, the part code is apparently MB 220-352-02-27 but im struggling to source it anywhere. This certainly looks right, but can anyone...
  2. T

    W211 lower control arm (caster arm) DIY?

    I had my front balljoints and n/s/f lower control arm replaced by an indie a few weeks ago. Parking up in the garage last night, child#1 says "Daddy, your car's leaking oil". A brief inspection confirms that the o/s/f lower control arm fluid-filled bush has just let go and shed its fluid over...

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