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    W212 LED headlamp replacement, £1,100?!

    Hello all, My W212 E250 petrol (50k on clock) came up with an error today - right daylight LED lamp needs replacing. I thought it was a case of a simple bulb change but boy was I wrong. Apparently it's a sealed unit and my car has an intelligent light system meaning MB want £1,100 for one...
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    LED Running Lights On At Night

    Hi, I have a 1 year old E220 ES with AMG styling pack. I have found that when my headlights are on my LED running lights go off. I have seen many E Class's on the road which seem to have them on at night as well. Doing a search on the forums and net I see that some people have applied an...
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    Discoloration Of Chrome On LED Lights

    Hi, Just had my car (E220 2012) serviced for the first time and as part of the service they gave it a full wash. Now I have noticed that the chrome around the LED running lights has misty/blurred/cloudy (hard to describe but is not the chrome look). Rubbing it with a damp cloth seems to make...

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