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    [Breaking] 1995 Mercedes S500 W140, most parts still available

    Hi, Nice example of S-Class in 199 Black-Blue Paint. Around 210k miles on clock (335k km), LHD, 5.0 V8 M119 engine (119.970), 4 speed automaic gearbox (722.370) damaged. Full black leather interior, very good for age and mileage. 18" genuine W140 wheels (tyres need replacing due to 3 years...
  2. S

    LHD headlamps for an SLK R170

    I am planning to permanently take my SLK to France this year and want to replace the RHD headlamps. Can anyone advise me a vendor for good quality LHD headlamps? Thanks Steve
  3. M

    SL500 Left Side SAM conections

    Can anyone point me to a list of what connects to the Left Side (Driver's side on a Left Hand Drive US spec car) Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) on a 2005 SL500 (R230). I am getting random errors and alarm triggers which I suspect is the SAM but it would help if I could get a list of what...
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    [Wanted] WANTED - LHD Mercedes 190D Manual Transmission

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I really want a LHD 190D in the UK to take abroad. I'm not too fussed about the mileage as long as the car is in good running order. It must be a LHD, diesel, manual with tax and MOT. Foreign plates are not a problem. I'm sure we can come to an agreement...
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    [Wanted] LHD C140 CL 600 1998 xenon headlights, possible to make swap with RHD headlights

    Looking for LHD (for driving in continental Europe) C140 CL 600 xenon headlights. I can do partial/full swap for my current RHD C140 CL600 1998 xenon headlights, they are in good condition. PM if interested.
  6. K

    [Wanted] Engine for w211 e350 2008

    hi i need the complete front end for a w211 facelift will consider the engine, need bumpers, 2 front wings, spc pump, front sam unit. thanks for your time!

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