1. Smaltze

    E320 W210 Loss of torque after slow driving

    Hi guys, Got this anoying and ever more common problem with my w210. when i drive the car normally it goes like a rocket, and if i keep putting my foot down at every oppurtinity it kicks down and blasts off, head back. great. But recently often it has this problem that seems to occur only...
  2. N

    W220 S Class 320 CDI loss of drive from transmission

    Hi, I had quite a moment on the M25 today when my S320 CDI without any warning lost drive. All I felt was complete lack of throttle response before the car coasted to a halt. With the engine off drive was restored but only for a few hundred yards, then lost again. I tried this a couple of times...
  3. B

    BAS ESP Visit Workshop (W208)

    Hi All. Thought I would post summary of recent problem I had with the BAS ESP, how it has been resolved and recommendations for H E Lock, Merc Indy in Rushden, Northants. Since owning 2001 CLK2300 Convertible (w208) I had overlooked a few issues didn’t appear to cause any long term problems...

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