1. RyanSL500

    Monthly meet up on 03/08/19 at Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth at 7:30 pm.

    Monthly meet up at Portsdown hill on 3rd of August at 7:30. Get some good photos of the cars, a chance to meet members of the group and enjoy a world famous Micks monster burger! Feel free to come along and bring your ride so we can all admire it . Be sure to let everyone know if you think you...
  2. N

    Cars In The Park (CITP spring) at Newby Hall 10th May 2015

    Cars In The Park, Spring meet up at Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire. 10th May 2015 Hi and welcome. Hope you all had a great time over christmas and new years. The first CITP meet up is already arranged for MAY 10th, Google map location...

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