1. Mark Hart

    ABS Module - ESP, ABS and display faulty no speedometer

    Hi all, First forum post! I’ve got a C209 clk500 and I recently received the fault messages in the title. I replied to an old forum thread on here and was asked to repost as a new thread, here’s a link to the other post that contains all the background...
  2. M

    Navigation Module Not Compatible

    so i have a Mercedes A180 had around 8 months now sat nav has always worked fine until this morning it comes up saying module not connected so i took the module out replaced turned it off and on these kind of things and its tried to load a few times but still results back to not connected it has...
  3. R

    Help with sat nav

    Hello people I have Mercedes E250 coupe 13 which I bought recently.. it came with a build in sat nav (hence there is a sat nav botton) However when I try to go on the sat a msg pops up saying no sat nav module is connect... what does this mean and what am I supposed to do ? Thank you
  4. imkaz

    Remote Roof Module R230 CMR230 Installation question

    Hi All, I wasn't planing for this to be my first real post, but I've run into a few problems and would appreciate some help. I recently bought a CMR230 Remote Roof Module for my SL from on ebay. Here's a link to the auction...

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