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  1. A2amali

    New Member

    Hello Guys, New member here (ish) I have a C200 2006 Sports edition and its been running perfectly until this month. What an amazing and reliable cars Mercedes make! My neighbour knock at my door and told me that i left my headlights on!, but my car got day lights and they turn of themselves...
  2. S

    Aussie Member in the UK Club

    Hi all, I’ve owned my 2000 SLK230 Kompressor facelift for 2 years after owning an E230 with the same engine for almost 10 years and absolutely love that era’s build quality, (minus some annoying defects… ) Ive joined your club to learn and share information with each other, and help keep these...
  3. B

    New member.

    Hi all. I have a e220 cdi which I think is the best car I have ever owned. I also have a sprinter 313 cdi. Been great for last 5 years. But having a problem with it at the moment. I'll have a look around the site and no doubt I'll be looking to pick your brains.
  4. S

    Hello New member

    Hi just introducing myself. I'm a pro musician and always loved messing about with cars. I've own a few classics over the years and always maintained them myself. My favourite Mercedes and the one I wished I'd kept was a 380 SLC of early eighties vintage.
  5. 8

    New member

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. I've just bought a CLS, had a CLK before. Theres a few things about this car I need to learn so joined for some more info and experience. Thanks Nick
  6. R

    New member in N.E. Hampshire, UK

    Hi all, I'm looking to pick your brains from time to time in order to keep my 2010, E250 W212 Saloon on the road. I would also like to bring to your attention the LandSail brand of tyre that I had fitted in January was so bad in the wet it nearly caused a number of accidents as the car's grip...
  7. V

    Re-joining these forums after a number of years...

    Hi - Just re-joining these forums after a number of years. Glad to see the passion is still here. Have a dozen or so Mercedes -> 60's - 80's. My passion? 280 and 560 Coupes. Bob
  8. K

    New Member

    Hi, I am new to this forum. Owner of 2002 C200 Kompressor.
  9. B

    Hi every one

    W210 E300 TD 1999 13300 miles, in aquamarine blue, beige dash, light cloth seats, Daily driver while at the same time its a rolling restoration, awaiting on MB of Manchester Central to carry out a £50.00 pre-charge check+ vat before they will give a price for labour( because say said my car...
  10. G

    1999 mercedes vito v class v220 w638/2

    Hi I'm new here my name is Graham. I recently bought a 1999 v220 vito. Witch am dieing to get on the road for the summer. But I have a few problems with
  11. A

    Any trouble free motoring with C250d?

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy a C250d (2012-2013). For my budget ive found a couple with around 35K on the clock. Now, ive done my research on mercedes diesel engines and have come across a few horror stories i.e. black death. Ive also heard of people describing, especially with the 250's, a lag...
  12. W

    New CLK Owner

    After years of umming and aahing I finally bit the bullet, sold my Land Rover Disco 2 (petrol 4.0 V8 none of that diesel tractor nonsense - jk diesel owners ;) ) and purchased a low mileage 2001 320 AMG CLK Convertible Avantgarde in silver with the blue roof. I got a blinding deal on it and the...
  13. G

    From S Type to E class big smile

    Thank you for having me Just moved over from the dark side, bought a w211 estate 2005 and am now a happy man.
  14. S

    First Time Buying Advice???

    Hi guys, new to this forum and MB. Looking to join the club and have my eyes on a nice looking CLK 270 (2005). I've read up on them abit and they seem pretty good. But what do you guys think/ what should I look for? Is it reliable? (electrical,engine,trans) Is it ecomical? (I've read about...
  15. S

    Greetings From Fareham

    Hello. The Head of Domestics and I will be collecting our first Mercedes-Benz next week, so I thought I should register on the Forum. I'm trading in a 5-series BMW and a SAAB 900S Convertible, which I love, to buy a 54 plate C-Class Coupe C220 CDI SE. Being a member of the Bimmer and SAAB...

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