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  2. mark.s

    [Spares] NUMBER PLATE AG55 AMG

    MBO member selling number plate (on retention) AG55 AMG for £8,000 ONO Call the main office if interested. 01892 710570 Ideal for G55 AMG SL55 AMG / AMG etc.
  3. S

    Personalised numberplate for sale "L600 CLK"

    Hello all, I own a 2002 CLK (2.3 Kompressor) with the numberplate L600 CLK. I was wondering if anyone out there has a CLK of their own and would be interested in this numberplate? The car itself runs, drives and has an MOT to April, but otherwise is in fairly poor condition, so there are 2...
  4. J

    Looking for a CLK Christmas present?

    I have a lovely numberplate for sale JM07 CLK. £300. Would make a great Christmas present for a CLK enthusiast.;)

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