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  1. H

    Oil level over the limit, is it too much?

    Hi, the mechanic that added the oil during an oil change, added 0.5L extra to the engine. Is this amount dangerous or i can leave it as it is. The measurement on the picture has been taken in the morning when engine is cold. Oil required: 6.5L Oil added: 7L
  2. C

    2009 Sprinter smoke and fuel in oil

    Hi. I have a 2009 sprinter 515 that occasionally smokes (white smoke) it also sufferers from increasing oil levels (it maybe diesel in the oil). I have had the vehicle on the star computer and no faults registered. MB technician has also looked at it and can't find the fault. Any suggestions...
  3. W

    W169 Auto box

    Morning, is it a DIY to check the oil level in a 2010 A150 Automatic? No real problem but recently when I take it out of the garage the first gear lever movement clunks as I move it backwards. After that everything is smooth no problems at all. Its just that one time from cold. When I say...
  4. moj91

    W204 - Check oil level when warm or cold?

    Hi, I've recently bought a W204 (S204 Estate...) C250 Cdi, and noticed that it has an old-school dipstick for checking the oil level. I have two questions - 1.) Does it need to be checked when warm, or cold, or ie. 10 minutes after stop? I can't find anywhere where and when it is...
  5. M

    Engine oil overfilled by dealership

    My E320 has just had a service at a Mercedes dealership and upon return, when driven home it billowed smoke and juddered. The engine light came on and a warning message 'reduce oil level'. I took it back next day and they 'fixed' the problem, but when I took it for a test drive the same thing...
  6. S

    w126 300SE gearbox leaking and oil level

    hello all, I had a post about few weeks about small leaking from my gearbox, I have just checked the gearbox oil when the engine is off and level is okay, but when I trun on engine the level is way below the limit. I think so we need to check gearbox oil when engine is running, am I right. Do...

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