petrol leaks

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    Smell of petrol cold start W212 E250

    Hi all, W212 Facelift 2.0 E250 SE, 2013, 45k For a week I've noticed a strong smell of petrol with a cold-start (first thing in the morning). The smell is coming from the engine bay. If I'm inside the cabin with the heater fan off, I can't smell the petrol, if the heater fan is on, I can...
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    Petrol spill

    I have a 98 E280 which recently left for 2 weeks whilst on holiday. On return started up and petrol pured out underneath. RAC guy said it was either pump or filter or pipes but could find nothing wrong so off we went. Local garage also can't find a probem but it has happened again after being...
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    My mother is having problems with her Mercedes A140. On two occasions she has had petrol pouring out of the fuel cap onto the ground whilst the car is parked and the engine switched off. On both occasions the petrol tank has not been full. The only common factor has been that the weather has...

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