1. VasFlo

    CLS350 D Turbo oil feed pipe leak

    Hi guys again, today i noticed a smell of burn oil on my car, o opened the bonnet and i look carefully and i found where from is coming, is the small pipe wich i think is feed the turbo with oil, i put a photo to have an idea of what im talking
  2. Smaltze

    S210 e230 exhaust size

    I know its my first post, but im not a total newbie! work with me here. Planning to put a straight pipe on my S210 e320 2002, attached to the single pipe cutting it just before the backbox, anyway measuring that pipe (which goes from the 2nd cats all the way to the backbox) its outside...
  3. S

    W124 Rear SLS drawing/part number?

    I need to identify a section of SLS pipework for my 1988 W124. Looking at the rear suspension leg there is a reverse L-shaped section which connects with the the hydraulic ram at the top of the L. At the open end of the horizontal arm of the L is a union with a section of pipe that has a...
  4. S

    w209 cdi 220 where does the egr vac pipe go to?

    hi just wondering if anyone can tell me where the vac pipe off the egr valve switch/actuator goes its conected at the egr end but it is hanging loose at the other i dont know if someone has done this on purpose or dislodged it i just dont know where it goes please help?also car hesitates...

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