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    audio player for a class

    hey guys, I recently bought an a class, year 2007 and was wondering if anyone knew anything about audio systems that are compatible? I basically want to be able to play music through my ipod but don't have the connectivity for it, any ideas??
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    C Class C180 CD player upgrade

    Hi all I'm looking to upgrade the standard cd player that I have in my Merc to something more modern. I'm looking for a cd player with mp3 connectivity and if possible bluetooth so I can use the phone function. I'm not sure what cd players are compatible for my car. If anyone can...
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    CD player problem

    E200, 1.8 petrol, 2004, Avantguard. My car has a single player and a 6 disk changer, the latter working fine. The single player wont accept a CD, can show it is ejecting a CD but nothing comes out, wont let a new one in. Are these easy to examiine/ repair? Special tools needed? Any idea...

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