power steering failure

  1. P

    power steering a160

    if i remove the electric power steering pump ( to be rebuilt) is it possible to drive the car away from the garage whilst the pump is fixed ?
  2. Dan Jones

    Steering wheel very stiff no power.

    Hi everyone had a bit of drama this evening, i started my C220 Cdi auto and went to pull away but the steering has gone completely stiff and very hard to turn. There are no leaks and no funny noises all the belts are moving correctly and can't see any slips on them but it seems something has...
  3. U

    Engine and some electrics cut out without notice

    I have an automatic car (ML270) and when driving my engine will cut out, power steering fails and the indicators no longer work. No lights light up on the dashboard. I can press the button for the warning lights to come on and that works. I can put the car into park and restart the engine...

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